I am an HR executive. Why should I read any further?

Let me give you three statements as an answer. If you answer them all with yes, I congratulate you and you may safely click away.


My HR department has a real strategic role inside my organization.


I lead my top management in strategy execution through human and organizational development activities.


My responsibilities are less of an HR manager and more of an organizational designer.

Is there a story behind the sales pitch?

Yes, there is. And it is a story of respect, recognition, and appreciation. Or lack of it. Although various corporate functions would state that they feel that their contribution to the success is overlooked and underappreciated, most often that is the truth for the people from HR. It simple isn’t fair and the only thing we could do is to be the change we wish to see in the corporate world.

What is the purpose of such mentoring?

Improvement. Impact. Influence. To improve your business development knowledge and skills. To raise the strategic impact of your role and initiatives. To magnify your influence in your organization and position you as an opinion maker within your professional community.

How does HR executives’ mentoring work?

Mentoring approach is either project based or person based. Project based mentoring assists you when you put in practice different HR initiatives based on strategic alignment of human capital. Person based mentoring is your guiding hand and support on your way to any management board.

Why should I hire myself a mentor?

If you are anything like an average HR executive you are probably overwhelmed with everyday operational tasks. Most of your time and company’s budget are targeted towards raising the competitiveness of your colleagues. You put yourself last. Let me ask you. How do you see yourself? Do you deserve more?

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