You: How do I qualify for this? Fran: You are a top dog in your organization. You want to skyrocket your organization and yourself and you are dead serious about it.


You: Why am I spending my time in checking out this web site? Fran: You are either a top decision maker whose job is to deliver results and built the organizational capacity or a young manager who is aspiring to become the best possible version of him and needs to become ready to receive more corporate responsibility. In any case, there is value for you here.


You: I am an HR executive. Why should I read any further? Fran: Let me give you three statements as an answer. If you answer them all with yes, I congratulate you and you may safely click away.


You: I am a coach. Why am I here? Fran: You are here because you understand that if you are not improving you are falling behind. You are always there for your clients and once in a while you may need an impartial adviser and deserve a first-class support.

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