Why am I spending my time in checking out this web site?

You are either a top decision maker whose job is to deliver results and built the organizational capacity or a young manager who is aspiring to become the best possible version of him and needs to become ready to receive more corporate responsibility. In any case, there is value for you here.

Who are high potentials?

High potentials are junior and middle managers who represent the future of an organization. They have already proved themselves with their working attitude and achieved results and are seriously counted on to fulfill executive roles and exhibit leadership. They are ready to make a quantum leap in their careers.

What does exactly mentoring high potentials mean?

Mentoring is a carefully tailor-made individual development program that consists of three pillars: leading organization, leading people, and leading yourself. Mentor’s role is to design a learning experience and challenge a mentee to and beyond his current limitations in order to obtain growth and continuous improvement.

How is the mentoring process structured?

Mentoring process follows three pillars approach. The first step is to make an assessment of a mentee’s development needs and business requirements of his organization. A clearly defined development goals and KPIs are established.

Will I get a positive ROI if I hire you as a mentor?

If you understand following requirements, you will be amazed with your ROI. First, hire a mentor only for a high potential who represents a true asset to an organization. Second, organize your business processes little differently and make a room for him so he could implement his newly developed competences.

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